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Anzali lagoon, Iran, January 2019
Anzali lagoon, Iran, January 2019

The children of the revolution

The announcement of the Lebanese government to impose a tax on calls by WhatsApp has triggered a massive protest response from the people that has grown steadily from day to day. Children have become major protagonists of popular acts across the country. They do not have an insignificant role, they actively participate in all events alongside their parents. Armed for some of the roses they will give to the soldiers according to the behavior they will have towards the demonstrators. Others will choose a more radical option of the plastic gun or rifle to clearly show how fed up the Lebanese people are with their corrupt politicians and banks. Carried on shoulders or with arms outstretched, their voices are also heard through the megaphones where they will launch slogans against the regime that which will be repeated by the demonstrators.

Most of them dressed in paramilitary uniforms, they often paraded in the front line. Moreover, since the revolution, merchants of military clothing for children have been busy. "We replaced the classic children's mannequins' outfits with military clothes and doubled our sales," Ali says. In joy and good mood they sing popular hymns and in particular the Bella Ciao from the very famous Spanish series "La casa de papel".

For parents, it is a pride to take their offspring to his rallies. "They are the future and it is our duty to involve them in the change of the country. And if a situation of this type were to be repeated when they grow up, they will have already gained experience. They will can fight for a better life and that can not be learned at school", exclaims Noor Mohammad. At the end of the demonstration, a mobile puppet theatre explains to the children who the bad guys are and how they should be treated.

Photography: Michel Martinez B.