Greece live your worst moment.

Has the economic crisis comes to add a political crisis.

The three parties out of the elections of 6 may do not arrive to find an agreement of understanding. There is already talk of returning to the polls on June 17. In the meantime, the creditors of the European Union and Germany warning that they will pay more for funds if the Greek Government does not respect its commitments while the expert announce a output of the euro next of Greece.

Meanwhile, the crisis is spreading very fast and has become visible even in the Kolonaki district, one of the wealthier, who see its stores (small and large retailers) closed successively. The institute consumer confirms the trend: sales of clothing, footwear and furniture are down 20 to 50%, car sales are falling (70%). Even food purchases were down nearly 5%. For the public body, these closures in cascades are reflected by at least 100000 jobs lost and as much of social security contributions in of least in the coffers of the State.

The economic dimensions of poverty in Greece are dramatic, with about one third of Greeks live in poverty. According to Eurostat's survey, 27.7% of the population of Greece is more than 3,031,000 people live in poverty and social exclusion. This is the highest registered social poverty in the euro area, only Eastern Europe has numbers more bad.