Save Tibet since McLeod Ganj...

In Tibet, the Dalai Lama to mention, have pictures of him or sing religious songs is punishable by imprisonment. The Chinese government considers it a state crime. By contrast, in Dharamsala (India), home of the exiled population and the Tibetan government, do not hesitate to hang photographs of the Karmapa and the Dalai Lama in stores, selling shirts, hats, scarves and other clothing or decorated with the colors of the Tibetan flag and protest clear identity as "Save Tibet" or "Free Tibet."

However, nothing is simple in this quiet place. In Macleodganj, a village above of Dharamsala, queen mistrust, since the chinese constantly monitoring the Tibetans. For them, talk too much against the chinese regime can be dangerous.

The youth tibetan, much more modern, informed, computerized, radical and militant than previous generations, defends its interests through the Internet, carrying their cause to all those who want listen to them. Although many of them or even have been born in Tibet, the only thing that hope is able to return some day, free and with honor. Many are the people, young and old, who had to go into exile in India because of the harsh repression of the Chinese government in Tibet.

Still, despite the fact that any manifestation of the Tibetan culture is strictly forbidden in Tibet, in Macleodganj (India) have been established training centers for younger people and the Tibetan government runs a political resistance, cultural and spiritual so that the values of an entire people do not disappear ever.